Enhance Your Athletic Performance and Visual Experience with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Spring and summer are the best times of the year for enjoying the outdoors. How people indulge in outdoor pursuits will depend on individual interests and inclinations. Some like the vigor of intense athleticism, while others engage in non-athletic yet physically active pursuits. In either case, performance and enjoyment depend on your vision. This in turn depends on your choice of eyewear. The wrong glasses, or wearing none at all diminish your performance and enjoyment.

The Problems of Uncorrected Vision

Tracking baseballs flying through the air, reading road signs while cycling, enjoying wildflowers close up, and fully appreciating a scenic vista all require visual acuity. Vision is a primary sense that directs our body movements in sports. Good vision is essential for eye-hand and eye-body coordination. Judging distance and speed are essential for many sports. This demands good depth perception, which in turn requires that both eyes individually have 20-20 vision for all distances.

If you are a hiker and nearsighted, you are missing out on beautiful and scenic landscapes. A clear crisp sunny day can’t be fully appreciated unless you see the detail making up the scenery in front of you. Likewise, the farsighted can’t fully enjoy up-close flora and fauna. Sometimes good near and medium range vision are essential for safety such as when spotting poison ivy before accidentally contacting it.

Resisting the idea of wearing eyewear doesn’t make the problem go away. However, the fix is a simple one, which is to get an eye exam and buy prescription glasses. If your outdoor athletics or activities are important to you, get a pair of Nike prescription sunglasses or safety glasses. Once you’ve experienced the improved performance and enhanced enjoyment, you will question why it took you so long to make the change.

The Problems of Unprotected Eyes

Another reason for wearing prescription sunglasses is eye protection. The type of protection required will depend on your particular activity. Sports and activities that expose the eye to flying objects or to stationary hazards such as the thick undergrowth of dense forests, require impact protection. Polycarbonate has excellent impact strength and is often the lens material of choice for sports and safety eyewear.

The one eye hazard common to all outdoor activities and sports is ultraviolet radiation. UVA and UVB both reach the earth’s surface and will cause eye damage with sufficient exposure. UVB of sufficient intensity can harm the outer surface of the eye in a matter of hours. UVA can harm structures within the eye in a matter of years of consistent exposure.

Another important consideration is glare protection. Glare causes discomfort and eyestrain. It also interferes with clear vision when looking toward sources of glare such as the sun or reflected sunlight.

The Benefits of Enhanced Vision

Nike prescription sunglasses come with lots of options. By carefully choosing these, you can literally enhance your vision beyond the capabilities of the naked eye. For example, your choice of lens coatings and tints can improve your vision in fog, haze, or heavy snowfall. A hazy day need not obscure a clear view of boats on the water or a mountain range. A polarized lens removes sun glare and sky reflection from water surfaces. This allows you to peer beneath the waves at the fish lurking below. The right lens tint will make a white golf ball “pop” against the blue sky or green grass. It can make the contours and texture of golf greens stand out more.

If you don’t want to buy multiple lenses for different lighting levels, you have a number of options. Transition lenses will automatically adjust tint darkness with sun lighting levels, while Transition Vantage lenses adjust both tint and lens polarization to light and glare levels. Drivewear lenses automatically adjust tint darkness, lens polarization, and tint color to match lighting and glare conditions. Drivewear works both inside and outside of your car.

Make the most of your outdoor activities this spring and summer with a pair of Nike prescription sunglasses. Choosing the right options at your disposal will give you the edge you need to better compete in athletic events or to better enjoy your outdoor pursuits. If you require assistance in selecting the right prescription sunglasses, contact us today.

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