Knowing When to Replace Your Nike Prescription Glasses

Finding a good pair of glasses can be difficult. Therefore, when you finally find high-quality eyewear such as Nike-brand glasses, it can be hard to give them up. After all, comfort, style, and durability are rarely found in the same package, making it feel crazy to give up such an amazing pair of glasses. However, despite their durability and high quality, even Nike glasses must be replaced from time to time.

Replacing your glasses when necessary will ensure you continue to see as clearly as possible with glasses that fit properly. Besides, by choosing another pair of Nike-brand sunglasses, you may even find that you love your new glasses as much as you loved the old ones.

So how do you know when it’s time to replace your older eyewear and find something new to replace it? Well, this is a difficult question to answer. Therefore, we have compiled a list of things to watch for. If you begin noticing any of the signs below, it is likely time to start shopping for a replacement pair.

Impaired Vision

Blurred vision, floaters, and double vision are all strong warning signals from your body that it time for a new prescription. Ignoring these signs will eventually cause your vision to deteriorate further, leaving you with incredibly poor eyesight or even blindness. Therefore, if your vision is becoming impaired in any way, it is highly recommended that you make an appointment with your optometrist as soon as possible.


Sometimes your vision deteriorates so slowly you don’t even really notice it. What you may notice in these cases is an increased amount of squinting on your part. You may need to pull books closer to your face in order to read or lean forward and squint your eyes in order to properly see the computer screen.

If squinting becomes a daily occurrence for you, it is high time to see the eye doctor. This will ensure your prescriptions stay up to date and your vision doesn’t fade more quickly than it has to.

Frequent Headaches

It could happen that you squint more often without realizing it, or maybe your vision is fading, but you don’t squint at all. In these cases, headaches are another big red flag to watch for. If you find yourself eating dinner each night with a moderate headache, it could very well be due to loss of vision and the subsequent eye strain.

Making an appointment to get your eyes checked is a great first step in this situation.


For obvious reasons, scratches are never welcome on a pair of glasses. While some smaller scratches can be repaired using a small amount of non-gel toothpaste, larger scratches cannot always be buffed out. Because these scratches can impair vision and cause extreme glare, it is best to replace scratched glasses as soon as you can for safety’s sake.

Loose Arms

If the arms on your eyeglasses are getting looser every day, you are probably fed up with pushing them back into place every few minutes. If tightening the hinge screws doesn’t solve your problem, there is a good chance your glasses will need to be replaced if you ever want to have good, snug-fitting eyewear again.

Fortunately, you will be rewarded with sweet relief and plenty of comfort to go along with it when you do finally slip that new pair of glasses on your face.

Lifestyle Change

Some lifestyle changes can constitute purchasing new eyewear.

For instance, if you change jobs and find yourself working in front of a computer much of the time, you may want to look into lenses designed especially for computer work. On the other hand, if your new career requires you to spend large amounts of time outside, transition lenses may be best for you. Changing to a wraparound style or non-slip frame is best for anyone taking up regular exercise, and bifocals are ideal for those who need to go from reading to chatting with a client at the drop of a hat.

Whatever you decide do with your life, those things can be made better through the use of the proper kind of eyewear.

Older Than Two Years

Optometrists recommend that people have their eyes checked at least every two years. Older adults or those with quickly diminishing eyesight should go in even more often than that. For this reason, if your glasses are more than two years old, you can bet it’s time to get an updated prescription and replace your eyewear for something a bit more modern.

This is the case no matter the condition of your current glasses. Remember wearing an outdated prescription can damage your eyes, making it imperative that you have yours checked on the recommended schedule.

As you can see, there are plenty of ways to tell if it’s time to replace those older Nike glasses with a newer pair from the same great brand. Additionally, it is important to go ahead and replace your older eyewear as soon as you can in order to avoid dangerous situations due to your impaired vision. Slowing the speed at which your eyesight diminishes is also a great reason to replace those outdated glasses quickly.

Are you ready to replace your old eyewear? If so, we encourage you to have a look around at all the wonderful prescription glasses options we have to offer. If you have questions, please feel free to contact us. We are happy to help you find the perfect eyewear for you!

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