7 Reasons Prescription Safety Glasses are a Good Idea All the Time

Glasses are depicted in media as being somewhat controversial to those who wear them. Children in television notoriously refuse to put them on or lose them or even break them on purpose and vain adults are depicted constantly removing their glasses in order to seem more attractive. You know these presentations of glasses wearing are false because no one with a reasonably intense prescription would voluntarily give up their eye correction. Children who go from having the entire world be a constant fuzzy mess to excellent visual clarity tend to keep their glasses on and no one wants their blind date to be literally blind. For those who wear them, glasses quickly become the preferably ignored center of your world through which all sensical visual signals come from. But what if they break on accident?

Children who go from having the entire world be a constant fuzzy mess to excellent visual clarity tend to keep their glasses on and no one wants their blind date to be literally blind. For those who wear them, glasses quickly become the preferably ignored center of your world through which all sensical visual signals come from. But what if they break on accident?

There are dozens of ways to break your glasses, and usually, this requires a liberal application of super glue, stereotypical tape, or a trip to the optician for either repairs or a replacement pair. The question is how much damage to your vital visual tools do you take before resolving for a sturdier solution. Safety glasses aren’t just for the workplace anymore, they can be worn anywhere that safety is needed, and for an inveterate glasses wearer, the danger could come from any direction. Rather than deal with another repair of standard frames or lenses, why not invest in one really sturdy pair of prescription safety glasses and laugh off the little stuff?

You can choose from dozens of frame types and almost every kind of lens on the market including tinting, coating, and even colored mirroring in many cases. You could have indestructible yet still delightfully stylish glasses with a few clicks online. Here are seven great reasons to try prescription safety glasses for your next pair:

1) Flying Rocks and Particles

You never know when a random projectile is going to come your way. Out on the road, strolling through a field,While this may sound a little far-fetched, if you’ve ever driven behind a gravel truck or seen what happends as cars drive over small loose rocks, you’ll understand.

Every now and again something is sent into the air and you want to be prepared. With safety glasses, you can be sure that both your eyes and eyewear will survive a random impact with a small object.

2) Cooking with Grease

Safety glasses aren’t just for outside use, they’re helpful for any task in which dangerous materials could hit your face. Frying, oddly enough, is one of those surprisingly risky endeavors that almost everyone performs at home at least once a month. Whether you’re laying in battered catfish fillets or just cooking up some bacon for breakfast, popping grease is a serious concern. Safety glasses are built to wrap the eye in a way that normal glasses frames usually don’t meaning that no matter how surprising a particularly large grease pop was, your eyes will be safe from harm. Your frame and lenses are also very unlikely to take any damage from these hot spots of grease as well.

3) Working in Your Garage

Safety glasses were made for industrial and mechanic work, making them perfect for the garage hobbyist. From working on your own vehicle to building your kids a go-kart, it’s important to wear eye protection when working with dangerous tools and materials. For glasses wearers, this is usually accepted with some exasperation because, more often than not, this means slipping on a giant pair of safety goggles around your current frames. This is not so when your every-day glasses are also made for safety. No more need to switch when heading out to your workshop because you wear eye protection every day.

4) Romping with a Dog

Dogs are wonderful companions and playmates. They are always willing to play catch with almost anything you care to throw and they are especially affectionate when you get down on the ground with them. If there’s an energetic dog in your life, it’s often fun to romp around with them on the ground between bouts of catch and face licking. However, dogs are not as careful about where their paws and teeth go when they’re playing, and while they wouldn’t dream of using harmful force on you sometimes this just happens. More than one glasses owner has broken their frames while playing with their dog, but with prescription safety glasses this becomes much less unlikely. You can even take a big friendly paw directly to the face and everything is fine.

5) Playing Catch with Your Kids

For glasses wearing parents, playing catch and other ball-based games tend to start very early on. It takes children a long time to build up the fine motor control needed to accurately throw a ball, even as they grow up and graduate into tennis balls and base balls rather than baby-safe foam toys. However, there is one conundrum always faced by parents of children who love to throw, which is how to best keep your glasses safe while handling an energetic child. The answer is to let the glasses take care of themselves,  leaving you free to play with your children without worry.

6) Open Air Driving

Driving with the wind in your face is a glorious thing. You can let your hair blow loose or hold it down tight. You can sing along with the radio, get a tan, and see the world from horizon to horizon. However, when you’re driving an open convertible or motorcycle, you are also exposed to a lot more of the road dangers. Your care normally doesn’t care if a little road gravel hits it from time to time, but you will! It’s incredibly important when driving in the open air to protect yourself which is part of the reason motorcyclists wear leather. However, eye protection is also vital, lest you catch dirt, gravel, or a very confused insect to the face. Prescription safety glasses will have you prepared to drive out in the open at any moment without having to switch out the pair you’re wearing.

7) Accidental Tumbles

While no one ever plans to trip and fall or find themselves tumbling over some previously undetected obstacles, these accidents do happen and when they do, no one wants to compound that experience with a pair of broken glasses or worse, eye damage. Knowing that unexpected events can occur is a great reason to ensure that your everyday prescription glasses are as sturdy and protective as possible. Safety glasses have been designed to hold up against industrial activities, meaning they have a very high chance of surviving no matter what kind of misadventure you may find yourself in.

From driving your motorcycle to playing with your dog, there are dozens of potential threats to either your eyes or your eyewear every day. Why take the risk of either getting unnecessarily damaged if you don’t have to? Safety glasses are just as affordable as normal frames at your ophthalmologist or local Lens Crafter, they’re just built withstand a lot more exciting activity. For more information about ordering a pair of safety glasses for yourself, contact us today.

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