How Much Does Prescription Safety Glasses Cost?

How-much-do-prescription-safety- glasses-typically-cost?

At Rx-Safety, we are leaders in prescription safety glasses, with an extensive line of prescription safety glasses. Whether your work or hobby requires additional eye protection, you will be sure to find the perfect prescription safety glasses at our online store. Even though at Rx-Safety we are dedicated to offering the highest quality prescription safety glasses at affordable prices. In this article, you will understand the general cost of prescription safety glasses. Which will help you to make the best decision while shopping for safety glasses with prescription.

Understanding the Cost of Prescription Safety Glasses

At our prescription safety glasses collection, you will find a wide range of ANSI Z87 glasses available for prescription. These safety glasses will have a variety of shapes and price ranges. 

Our prescription safety glasses started as low as $30.00. 

While these are the approximate costs for the frames themselves, the final costs of prescription safety glasses depend on a variety of factors. A good number of those factors are centered on the lenses that are used in these prescription safety glasses.

Lens Options

Ultimately, there are different types of lens options that you can choose from. 

Single Vision

Single vision lenses are some of the most common types of prescription lenses. They feature one prescription power throughout the entire lens and can be a good choice for reading glasses or seeing at certain distances. 

The single vision lenses range from $35.00

Digital Single Vision 

The digital single vision lenses have the same features as the single vision. But, the digital single vision utilizes cutting-edge digital technology to help minimize distortion and increase the clarity of vision. 

The digital single vision lenses range from $55.00

Lined Bifocal FT-28

The lined bifocal FT-28 lenses can offer dual benefits. They can help you to see at certain distances while also providing them with the ability to read the text at close distances. The FT-28 is the most popular FT bifocal and it is 28 millimeters wide. 

The lined bifocal FT-28 lenses range from $60.00

Progressive Bifocal 

We also offer progressive bifocals, which allow customers to do close-up work, middle-distance work, and distance viewing without the need to change their lenses. Plus, this multifocal lens includes all corrections without any separation of the visual zones by a line.

The progressive bifocal lens range from $85.00

Lens Material

The kind of lens material you decide to use will also determine the final price of your prescription safety glasses. 

At Rx Safety, we offer different types of lens materials, such as Polycarbonate 1.59, Trivex, High Index Plastic 1.67, High Index Plastic 1.74, and Standard Glass 1.53. 

The lens material is essential according to the kind of environment you will use your safety glasses in. The cost of a  Polycarbonate 1.59 starts at $15.00. Trivex starts at $30.00. The High Index Plastic 1.67 range of $40.00, while the High Index Plastic 1.74 range at $95. And the Standard Glass 1.53 starts at $60.00

Remember, the price of the lens material will vary depending on the frame you chose. 

Lens Color

Along with the lens type that is selected, the lens color can impact the overall cost of a pair of prescription safety glasses. Often, clear lenses are free. But, at Rx Safety, we offer a wide range of lens colors to personalize your RX safety glasses. Choose from yellow, orange, dark brown, grey, and more.  

In addition, you can also take advantage of Transition Lenses. These lenses will automatically darken in the sun and lighten in darker environments. 

The prices range from $12.50 to $90 depending on the type of color or transition lenses you choose. 

Lens Coating

We also have a selection of lens coatings that will help you to improve your vision even more. 

Include a scratch coating or UV coating to your prescription safety glasses for only $10.00. In addition, you can also add permanent anti-fog coating for an extra $50.  

The anti-reflective lens coating and mirror lens coating are additional options too. But, they will give you a more clear vision, and style.  This additional anti-reflective lens coating or mirror lens coating ranges in price from $40 to $50.


A significant factor that affects the overall price of prescription safety glasses centers on the brand name. Like other products, certain prescription safety glasses cost more than their counterparts because of a brand premium. 

When you choose the main brand name, your prescription safety glasses will cost more. On the other hand, shopping brands like Wiley X prescription safety glasses or Oakley prescription safety glasses, guarantee an extreme quality of the safety glasses. At RX Safety we work hard to keep the prices as low as possible. In other words, you will get main brand safety glasses at cheaper prices. 

Alternatively, our own collection of safety glasses with prescription is extremely high quality too. But, cheaper. So we ensure that our prescription safety glasses are durable, functional, and affordable. The perfect combination of the best prescription safety glasses online. 

In conclusion

Whether a customer is purchasing prescription safety glasses, it is a must to understand the spectrum of costs of all variables. With this in mind, the RX Safety team will help you to find the best prescription safety glasses to fit your needs and budget.  

Rx-Safety is proud to offer prescription safety glasses of all shapes, sizes, and costs. Learn more about our collection by browsing on our website or contacting our customer service

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