How much does glasses lens replacement cost?

At RX-Safety, we love to promote our “Lens Replacement Service” because we take pride in our extraordinary services. The RX-Safety customer care and optical lab teams provide quality service. Our talented and knowledgeable team is always available to help you select your new pair of lenses from start to finish. In other words, your lens replacement cost will be affordable here.

We love that our customers choose to use our lens replacement service to extend the life of their favorite frames.  In fact, some of our customers have frames that are no longer for sale that they love. Sometimes, they have frames passed on to them from a loved one that are sentimental or retro. Either way, we are proud to replace lenses with our wide variety of options. We recognize that our customers might have a pair of frames that they already love for practical or sentimental reasons.

Understanding the Price

In fact, if you are considering using our lens replacement service, you’re probably asking yourself what it will the lens replacement cost you. Thankfully, we have broken down the cost of our service into easy to understand pricing. The cost of your new lenses is straightforward, and depends on which lenses you pick.

Price vary according to your glasses type

Additionally, as you navigate through your purchase on our Lens Replacement Service page, you will see that there is a list of different types of frames that you will be sending in to replace. This could be eyeglasses, sunglasses, safety glasses, wrap around, or more. Once you select the frame you would like to send in you will see that the frame type that you selected has a flat rate to start out with for basic lens replacement. For example, if you indicate that you will be sending in frames that fall into the Rimless & Semi Rimless Eyewear category, you will see that the base starting price is $54.99.

Adding Lens Options and Prescription Type

Then, as you continue on with your selections, you can choose to update to specialty lenses and options. These choices are completely optional, and cater to a wide variety of needs you may have. Simply, every price breakdown is clear and straightforward. For example, if you decide that you would like lined bifocals, the price is clearly marked for that option.

Lens Materials and Coatings

Next you select your lens material, lens color, and lens coating. The options are all clearly visible on the page. Also, they even have graphics for visual understanding. These options are also all clearly marked if they are available at an additional fee. After your lens options, you move on to filling out your eye prescription for your eye doctor. This part is completely free and included in the base cost of your lens replacement.

Shipping Cost

Finally, once your prescription is filled out, you select how you will be shipping your glasses. Your options are to ship them yourself or for us to provide you with a prepaid shipping label. This would be the final place you add any cost if you choose the option to have us pay for shipping.

Final Cost

In conclusion, you realize the price for your lens repl

In conclusion, you realize the price for your lens replacement will change accordingly with a lot of factors. We are excited to be able to provide this service at an affordable, straightforward cost. Additionally, we are happy to be able to cater to our customer’s budgets by providing affordable options that can be selected. 

Even though we cannot give you a straight final price, our lens replacement service starts at $29.99 for eyeglasses and sunglasses. While safety glasses start at $39.99. Lens replacement for wrap around frames beginning at $49.99 and wrap around free form at $74.99. While rimless and semi rimless lens replacement starts at $54.99. As you noticed, our customers choose how much or how little they spend. Try out our affordable lens replacement service today!

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