Fall Season Safety Glasses: a guideline for outdoor workers

Time to get ready for that outdoor work in the Fall Season. While it may not be as pollen intensive as it is in the Springtime, the Fall is also known to be quite dusty. Regardless, you’ll want the right type of safety glasses ready to protect your eyes from high-impact projectiles and different levels of dust. No worries because at RX Safety, we’ll have a wide variety of options when it comes to enhanced protection safety glasses.

Safety Frames with D3/D4 ratings

These are all about protecting your eyes from liquids, chemicals, and dust. You can find these either in eye frame form or in goggle format. An excellent option for this type of protection is the T9603 prescription safety glasses model. It comes with D3, D4, and D5 ratings, which are for defense against fine particles the naked eye cannot see. Or you can go for full suction-like protection with the OnGuard 800 prescription safety goggle. These will fit snugly around your face, with its adjustable strap and a comfortable, all-inner rubber layer to be worn all day.  

Safety Glasses with a Foam Gasket

Another great option is to consider safety glasses that come with a foam gasket that helps prevent foreign objects from coming into the eyes. A great option is the Wiley X Enzo with the RX Rim. This comes in a wraparound style to help maintain its position on your face and comes either in a sunglasses format or with a prescription possible as well. 

Or, if you prefer goggles that come with the safety ratings D3 through D5, then consider the Bolle Ultim8 Goggle, which comes with a foam gasket that has been certified for protection and is also built with an adjustable strap for a secure yet comfortable fit.

Consider Side Shields

You may want to make sure that your peripherals are covered and go with a pair of safety glasses that come with those side guards that some tend to overlook. Take a look at the Bolle B713, that’s made of both metal and plastic components and integrated fixed side shields to keep your eyes protected. Or maybe you’re looking for extended options with the styles available, and you can opt for the RX-15011 prescription safety glasses. They are fully constructed of TR-90 Nylon, keeping them lightweight, and we offer these in six different color options. 

In the end

All of these options are going to be great for working outdoors, and they all come with some type of ANSI Z87+ or EN166F impact protection certification, as well as being built for higher prescriptions. You’ll also want to consider some additional coatings on your lenses, such as anti-fog coating when the temperatures are different or anti-scratch coating, which both help to keep your vision clear. 

You may also want to consider photochromic lenses, whether for a prescription or not, so you can always see clearly indoors and outdoors, as your lenses adjust properly to the change in lighting.

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