The Best Wrap Around Prescription Sports Glasses for Kids


Every athlete understands the importance of high-performance gear. Whether you’re a cyclist racing against the wind, a basketball player making lightning-quick moves or an outdoor enthusiast embracing nature’s challenges, having the right gear is essential. When it comes to eyewear, wrap-around prescription sports glasses are a game-changer. This article will explore why you need them and introduce you to some of the best models available.

Why Wrap-Around Prescription Sport Glasses Matter

1. All-Around Protection: Sports come with their share of hazards – dust, debris, and UV rays. Wrap-around prescription sports glasses offer 360-degree protection, ensuring your eyes remain safe from every angle.

2. Enhanced Performance: These glasses are designed to improve your vision. They provide clarity, reduce glare, and enhance contrast, helping you perform at your peak.

3. Stability and Comfort: Designed for active lifestyles, these glasses stay securely in place, no matter how intense your activity. Lightweight and comfortable, they let you focus on what matters most.

4. Prescription Lenses: For those needing corrective lenses, wrap-around sports glasses offer built-in prescriptions’ convenience, eliminating the need for contact lenses.


let’s introduce you to some top models that should be on your radar

1. Rec Specs Velocity Glasses

The Rec Specs Velocity Glasses are perfect for athletes who demand the best. With a wrap-around design and impact-resistant lenses, these glasses provide excellent protection. You can also customize them with your prescription for unmatched clarity.

2. Rec Specs Maxx Air Glasses

Designed with the highest standards in mind, the Rec Specs Maxx Air Glasses are another top choice. Their innovative ventilation system keeps your vision clear and your lenses from fogging up, while the wrap-around design provides optimal protection.

3. Bolle Sport Playoff Glasses

Bolle Sport Playoff Glasses are a favorite among sports enthusiasts. These glasses offer a sleek, aerodynamic design and advanced lens technology for sharp vision. They are customizable with your prescription, making them a versatile choice for any sport.

4. Wiley X Agile

Wiley X Agile glasses combine style with function. They are perfect for athletes who require adaptability with interchangeable lenses, adjustable temples, and optional prescription compatibility. The shatterproof lenses ensure your eyes stay safe during the most demanding activities.

5. Leader T-Zone Sport Goggle

The Leader T-Zone Sport Goggle is an excellent choice for extreme sports and activities requiring maximum protection. These goggles provide a secure fit and robust shield against the elements. They can be fitted with your prescription for uncompromised vision.

Enhance Your Game with Wrap-Around Prescription Sports Glasses

Wrap-around prescription sports glasses are an investment in your safety, performance, and comfort. The models mentioned above are just a glimpse of the exceptional options available to athletes and outdoor enthusiasts. When choosing the perfect pair, consider factors like your sport of choice, prescription requirements, and personal style.

Remember, your vision is a crucial asset, and with the proper eyewear, you can achieve new heights in your sporting journey. So, let your potential shine with the perfect wrap-around prescription sports glasses.


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In conclusion, when it comes to ensuring your child’s safety, performance, and comfort during their athletic endeavors, there’s no compromise. RX Safety offers an impressive collection of the best wrap-around prescription sports glasses for kids, designed to cater to their unique needs. Don’t let blurred vision hold your young athlete back; explore our range of sports eyewear and give them the winning advantage they deserve. Visit our collection today to discover the perfect pair that will help your child shine in their sporting journey. Your child’s vision matters, and RX Safety is here to protect and enhance it.


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