Fun in the Sun with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Wow! It is bright out there. You know you need to protect your skin with a good sunscreen, but what about your eyes? The sun beaming down on you as you pound the pavement or paddle the lake can take its toll on your eyes, just like your skin. But according to OMagazine, when 10,000 American were polled on wearing sunglasses 27% reported NEVER wearing that all important eye protection. Wearing sunglasses has these long term health benefits too:

  • Reducing the risk of skin cancer. Ten percent of all skin cancers are found on the eyelid.
  • Cataracts – 900,000 people worldwide are blind from cataracts triggered by UV rays.
  • Macular Degeneration – Over time, this condition may cause vision blurring and vision loss.
  • Pterygium – Also known as “surfers eye”, is an inflammation of the sclera (the white part) of the eye and can cause blurry vision and light sensitivity.
  • Photokeratitis – Yep, that’s right, a sunburn on your eyes. It is painful and relief will come in about 48 hours.
  • Wearing sunglasses reduces crows feet and wrinkles around the eye.
  • You will have less eye strain and are more protected from debris in the air.

Every man, woman, and CHILD needs to wear sunglasses and know their eyes will thank them for it. People with blue eyes are more susceptible to sun damage to the eyes without protection. In a survey given, when asked why the survey takers chose not to wear sunglasses, these were some of the replies:

  • Simply forget to grab them from the table or counter.
  • 14% answered they lose them or break them and do not want to replace them.
  • 20% replied they don’t think sunglasses are necessary

Since we love to vacation, most of our destination spots are full of sun and fun. In the US, relaxing in the sun in places like Miami, Honolulu, or New Orleans means up to 250 or more sun days. With the right sunglass eye wear, you can vacation assured your eyes are well protected, so let the fun begin!   Nike prescription sunglasses  offer durability, style, an awesome selection of frames, and has styles for active men, women, boys, and girls. With your doctor’s prescription in hand, there are a variety of methods for shopping for your new Nike prescription sunglasses.

You can visit an eyewear store, or visit our website,, where we offer the best brands for the best price and shop with us. And while shopping for your sunglasses, keep in mind to be sure your choice protects from both UVA and UVB rays and the sunglasses meet ANSI standards. You want to be comfortable in your glasses, and of course look cool, so you are sure to wear them every time you step out your door. You may even consider ordering several pairs to keep in your car, your golf bag, your purse, and at home.   Nike prescription sunglasses offer metal, nylon, and plastic. You can go geek, high style, chic, full of frolic, active, or subtle with a frame shape from wayfarer to a wrap-around style frame. With more colors than the rainbow could ever offer, your new sunglasses can accessorize any outfit for any occasion. From running a marathon, to taking in a game of polo, your Nike prescription sunglasses are sure to let you stand out in the crowd. Your children will even want to sport a pair for their next outing.   When you head out the door for some fun in the sun, remember to lather up in sunscreen to protect your skin. Wear your Nike prescription sunglasses to keep your eyes protected as well. Please feel free to contact us. A friendly, knowledgeable representative will be happy to assist you!

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