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Throughout the year, our youth are participating in sporting events. Some of these sports will involve more contact than some other sports. We are all aware of the various injuries that can occur during youth sporting activities. It is highly recommended that all children have their eyes examined so their eye health can be evaluated. Sports present a serious risk for eye injuries and sight damage, but many children may have trouble seeing and parents and coaches may not be aware because the eye issue has not been detected. If a child’s eye problems have not been detected and the child needs to have his or her vision corrected, there will be some serious risks if their vision is not clear enough to be participating in the sport.

Children who need to have their vision corrected may experience a variety of symptoms, including the following:

  • constantly blinking
  • squinting
  • holding books or devices close to their face
  • asking to sit in the front of the classroom

It is always important that you pay close attention to your child’s visual habits because they are not always going to tell you what is going on. You can do your part in helping your child avoid the experience of having an eye injury. As a parent or a coach of a youth athlete, you will be responsible for ensuring your child’s eyes are always safe while they are participating in sports.

For the youth who need to wear prescription glasses, it is critically important to know that a regular pair of eyeglasses will not get the job done. Regular eyeglasses may actually result in more severe eye injuries to your young athlete. This is why we encourage you to talk to your child’s eye care professional about prescription sports glasses.

While there may not be one piece of eyewear or one device that can prevent every injury, sports glasses that meet the standards that have been established by ASTM will significantly reduce the risk of your child having an eye injury. The majority of sports-related eye injuries can be prevented. You can help your child avoid being injured and being placed on the sidelines.

Buying Prescription Sports Glasses Online

We want to provide you with the following tips and advice when you are ready to buy your young athlete a pair of prescription sports glasses online.

  • Make sure you are aware of the recommended sports glasses for your child’s sports; use the eye protection table that has been recommended to you. You should also make sure the sports glasses are equipped with the type of protection you need; the protection should meet or exceed the standards that have been listed.
  • If your child participates in outdoor sports, you should make sure he or she will have glasses that will protect their eyes from the harmful ultraviolet rays. Lenses that change color or lenses that are tinted will be a great choice for kids who participate in sports where there are different light situations. An anti-fog coating and an anti-reflective coating will also be great additions to prescription sports glasses in indoor sports and outdoor sports.
  • To ensure that your child’s glasses stay in place, you can use a sports band or a strap.

Sports like basketball, football, soccer, and baseball are sports that will require plenty of energy. Contact will also be made in all of these sports. If your child needs a pair of prescription sports glasses, it is important that he or she has a durable pair of glasses so he or she will have the protection you need. Not only will your child need a band or a strap, he or she will also need lenses that will be resistant to impact.

Sports glasses that do not have too much frame material will be a great option for your young athlete because less frame material will mean your child’s play will not be impeded. The frame material around your child’s glasses will also not cause any harm to your child’s opponent when contact is made. Sports glasses that can be customized to your child’s prescription are also a great option.

Sports glasses that have padded nose guards will provide outstanding protection, comfort, and stability. If your child will play sports indoors and outdoors, you may want to opt to choose lenses that will be perfect for indoor play and outdoor play.

Many children do not mind wearing glasses that look cool and stylish. Your child should feel comfortable letting you know what he or she likes when it comes to glasses. When your child has a sense of ownership of their sports glasses, they will be more inclined to use them at all times.

Since you are performing your search for sports glasses online, you will be able to sit with them and allow them to choose the types of glasses they are interested in. You will be able to narrow our search and allow your child to make the final choice that suits your liking and your child’s liking. By letting your child take on the responsibility of choosing their eyeglasses, they will feel a sense of pride and they will make sure they properly care for their sports glasses. You will not have to constantly tell them to take care of their glasses because they will love their sports glasses enough to take care of them. They will also appreciate the fact that their eyeglasses will provide them with the eye protection and the vision protection your child needs.

Make sure the prescription eyeglasses you select for your child is something that he or she will be happy to wear. When your child’s eyes are examined consistently, you will immediately find out if your child needs a prescription in the sports glasses. If you are looking for the perfect pair of prescription sports glasses for your young athlete, you can always pay Rx-Safety a visit. You will find an outstanding collection of sports glasses that your rough and tough athlete will absolutely fall in love with.

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