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Progressive Lenses or Bifocals: Which Are Best for Your Nike Prescription Glasses?

If you are in your 40s or older, and find it harder to read small print when using your prescription glasses, you may have presbyopia. This is a condition that every middle-aged person eventually gets. It simply means your eyes aren’t as youthful as they used to be and can’t reshape their lenses enough to […]

Nike Prescription Sunglasses for Sailing

For those unfamiliar with the activity, sailing seems idyllic. However, this viewpoint will quickly change for the unprepared. First of all, for those who are complete landlubbers, the boat motions in the water can be unsettling. On heavy seas, the rolling, pitching, and yawing motions combined with the constant sun glare can give you headaches or […]

Enhance Your Athletic Performance and Visual Experience with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Spring and summer are the best times of the year for enjoying the outdoors. How people indulge in outdoor pursuits will depend on individual interests and inclinations. Some like the vigor of intense athleticism, while others engage in non-athletic yet physically active pursuits. In either case, performance and enjoyment depend on your vision. This in […]

Nike Prescription Glasses vs Cheap Eyewear: Why Nike Wins

Cheap eyewear is available online at prices less than a typical fast food meal. This attractive pricing combined with good-looking frame styles are irresistible to the bargain hunter. Two things you can probably count on are paying the listed price (without any extras) and getting eyewear that looks like the product image on the website. Unfortunately, the product can […]

Nike Sunglasses for Summer Outdoor Experiences

Summer is on its way, and that means it’s almost time to head outside for some warm weather fun. Unfortunately, the bright, summer sun can sometimes put a damper on all of that outdoor excitement. After all, who wants to hang out outside when the sun is blinding them? If you are one of the […]

Ease Your Light Sensitivity Discomfort with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

Light sensitivity, also called photophobia, is discomfort caused by light. For those with mild sensitivity to light, only bright lighting bothers them. For those with an extreme sensitivity, almost any lighting is uncomfortable. Light sensitivity isn’t caused by any one ailment or disease. Instead, it’s a symptom of a number of possible underlying problems. These […]

Nike Prescription Glasses: How to Avoid Eyewear Pain

Prescription glasses aren’t supposed to cause pain or discomfort. If a pair of shoes is uncomfortable, you would likely blame the problem on a stitch rubbing your foot, or on a poor fit. Perhaps you might realize that you’re simply lacing them up too tight. Likewise, similar reasons exist for painful eyewear glasses. Eyewear pain […]

Don’t Want to Wear Sunglasses? How Nike Prescription Glasses Can Protect Against UV

Ultraviolet is an invisible but highly energetic type of light. It’s energetic in the sense that it can change molecules. This includes molecules that make up the tissues of the eyes. Two types of ultra violet light reach the earth’s surface: UVA and UVB. When UVB causes damage, you’ll know about it within a few […]

How Nike Prescription Glasses Work.

When you don’t have perfect vision, it’s not considered a life threatening or even life altering condition. It just means you need a pair of prescription glasses. It is remarkable how this deceptively simple looking product works so well at restoring one of the most important of your five senses. If only other problems could be […]

Eliminate Fogged Lenses with an Anti-Fog Coating on Your Nike Prescription Glasses

For some people, fogged lenses are an occasional annoyance. For others, the problem poses a serious safety risk. The difference between an annoyance and a safety risk depends on the circumstances. Fogged lenses disrupt your vision. If it happens while riding a motorcycle or bicycle, there’s no quick way of clearing it without taking your […]

Prevent Red Eyes with Nike Prescription Glasses

There are many causes of red eyes. For example, people often rub their itchy eyes until they’re red because of spring hay fever. Red eye may also indicate an infection, which is commonly caused by rubbing the eyes. Clearly, using your hands to “scratch” an itchy eye makes the problem worse and may introduce an […]

Stay Healthy by Wearing Your Nike Prescription Glasses

If you’re a runner, you may have noticed how changes in your gait and shoes can lead to injuries. The injuries usually aren’t immediate, but they do occur as you log more miles. When it comes to health, nearly everything is interconnected in some way. The same is true of your vision and how it […]

Should You Wear Rimless or Full Rim Nike Prescription Glasses?

Although rimless and full rim Nike prescription glasses perform the same function, they are quite different in their construction and stylistic impact. Among the qualities they share are that both will make a positive style statement about the wearer. They will also convey an impression of success, intelligence, and trustworthiness about the person wearing them. However, the way […]

Metal vs Plastic Nike Prescription Glasses: Which Is Superior?

If there is one thing that can be definitely said about metals and plastics is this: they are completely different animals. If they could make a plastic with identical properties as a metal, then it wouldn’t be plastic. It would be a metal. The point is that neither is superior to the other. Plastics are […]

Hit the Road with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

The poet T. S. Eliot once said that the journey, not the destination matters. This sums up why some travelers prefer long road trips. For many of them, the destination is just an excuse to see the country up close and personal. The United States spans four time zones and has a great diversity of […]

Don’t Forget Your Nike Prescription Glasses For Your Upcoming Sport Season

There was a time when not many athletes would wear eyewear that was designed to protect their eyes from sustaining any injuries. Things have really changed today because you will find athletes in all sports wearing protective eyewear. It does not matter if the athletes are young or older, little league stars or major league […]

A Guide To Buying Nike Prescription Glasses

It was not too long ago when purchasing a pair of fashionable glasses was one of the toughest things to do, especially if you were on a strict budget. You may have only had the options to choose from a few basic pair of prescription glasses that you did not really want. If you wanted […]

Improve Your Fishing Experience with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

The fisherman’s arsenal is full of many tools. Different anglers will emphasize various tools such as the rod, reel, hook, or lure. Some even swear by high-tech devices such as sonar, which displays groups of fish below the boat. However, one item that few mention that can make or break the success of a fishing outing […]

Should You Always Use Polarized Lenses on Nike Prescription Glasses?

Polarized lenses are effective at wiping out surface glare. This is a problem common to many outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and driving. Fishermen swear by them because polarized lenses strip away the surface glare of water that blocks their view of fish. Motorists benefit from reduced road glare, reflected glare from cars, and […]

UVA Is Everywhere: Protect Your Eyes with Nike Prescription Sunglasses

People age differently. Some look younger than their years while others look older. A major reason for this is ultraviolet (UV) light exposure. Parts of the body that get little sunlight exposure are always less aged and damaged than the face. People disinclined to go outdoors, or who always use sun block, have more youthful […]

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