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Nike Prescription Sunglasses: Eyewear for the Rugged Outdoor Warrior to the Trendy Fashion Minded Individual

When you are in need of prescription sunglasses we know theirs an over abundance of choices out there. From brands to colors to styles, Nike prescription sunglasses have it all! Our day-to-day lives are bustling with activities. Whether it be from a busy shopping exploit to a vigorous outdoor adventure Nike Vision has the ideal options for […]

For Trendsetters and Professionals: Nike Prescription Glasses

If you’re a fan of the latest eyewear styles or you enjoy a sporty look, Nike prescription eyeglasses feature distinctive characteristics. Styles of this brand include bold neon arms and fashionably thick frames. You may want to buy more than one pair to match your mood. While there are many styles to browse, here are three […]

Nike Prescription Glasses: An Important Part of Snowshoeing

Snowshoeing is an excellent sport to consider taking up this winter. It’s good exercise and there is little equipment involved. Basically, you’ll need a pair of snowshoes, winter apparel, trekking poles and Nike prescription glasses. When choosing Nike prescription glasses for a snowshoeing trip, there are a few key design elements to look for right away. […]

Three Good Reasons To Invest in Nike Prescription Glasses

If you’re taking a step to improve your eyesight, you may come to realize eyewear is a critical investment. So how do you make an informed decision on style and cost? Well, a bit of searching might reveal some amazing and unexpected reasons to go with Nike prescription glasses. So let’s explore.  In this article […]

Nike Prescription Eyeglass Frames

Sunglasses have, since the beginning, always had their time in the limelight. Ordinary prescription glasses, on the other hand, haven’t done so well in the past when it comes to the cool factor. Because of this many eyeglass wearers jumped ship the minute they could start wearing contacts. Some people are still so traumatized from […]

Nike sunglasses with prescription lenses

So one of the perks of working at a eyeglasses facility is testing the products:-) I always thought Nike was more for a sporty person (not me) but was I wrong!!! I am a person who is always on the go and look for comfort and fashion when choosing my sunglasses.  I tried the Nike […]

Prescription Glasses That Look Like Sunglasses

If you’re interested in obtaining prescription glasses that look more like sunglasses, fear not; “converting” your everyday glasses to a sunglass style is very easy. A “Sunglasses Look” With Prescription Glasses There are two aspects to consider when mimicking the appearance of sunglasses, and they are simply the two components that make up any pair […]

Prescription Nike Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

If you’re considering the purchase of a pair of prescription Nike Sunglasses with polarized lenses, you’ve apparently done your homework. Polarized Prescription Nike Sunglasses The Nike brand name means that quality, durability, and style is built into the frame, and polarized lenses are surely one of the best lens options you could pick to fill […]

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