Polarized Sunglasses

The Real Difference Between Polarized and Non-Polarized Lenses

Polarized vs. Non-Polarized Sunglasses When it comes to choosing lenses to protect your eyes, you don’t want to take any chances. There are several different options for lens colors that will protect your eyes from a variety of factors. You’ve probably heard the term “polarized” at some point in reference to sunglasses. In most cases, […]

Which Polarized Sunglasses Are Best?

As you hunt for your next pair of sunglasses, we at Rx-Safety can assume that several different features will be important for you. Whether you are looking for work or play sunglasses, we’re sure that you will be interested in design. Luckily, we have a wide swath of sunglasses in different shapes, colors, and designs. We’re confident […]

Can You Get Prescription Polarized Sunglasses?

We all love the sunshine. It makes everyone feel happier, it means you can work on your tan and It’s nice to benefit from all that vitamin D. One thing that most people agree is not so good about the sunshine is the glare it can cause. When sunshine is reflected off very flat and […]

Top 10 Best Prescription Sunglasses for Driving

A trip to the ophthalmologist may bring news that you are in need of glasses. Most American adults need corrective lenses to bring their vision to 20/20 according to American Academy of Ophthalmology. While this may bring some changes to your life, new technology allows you to wear glasses while still maintaining style and comfort. […]

The Benefits of Prescription Wiley-X Glasses with the Removable Facial Cavity Seal

Prescription Wiley-X glasses are available with a patented removable foam facial cavity seal. This seal effectively converts a pair of glasses into goggles in that it seals the eyes from wind, dust, debris, and peripheral light. Unlike goggles, you can quickly convert them back into normal glasses, and they’re much more stylish. These glasses are […]

Should You Always Use Polarized Lenses on Nike Prescription Glasses?

Polarized lenses are effective at wiping out surface glare. This is a problem common to many outdoor activities such as boating, fishing, and driving. Fishermen swear by them because polarized lenses strip away the surface glare of water that blocks their view of fish. Motorists benefit from reduced road glare, reflected glare from cars, and […]

Prescription Sunglass Lenses 101

Shopping for a pair of sunglasses can be a nightmare. With the proliferation of brands, lens materials, curves, tints, and coatings there are just too many options for the average consumer to know what’s best. And that’s not even considering the most important standard of all, will they make you look cool? Here’s a breakdown […]

Advantages of Polarized Sunglasses and Why You Need Them

Polarized sunglasses are exceptionally popular these days with everyone from kids to celebrities, such as Robert Pattinson and others, wearing them. Besides being fashionable, they’re also good for your eyes. If you’re considering buying polarized sunglasses, here are some reasons why you need them, along with a few of their many other benefits. How They Work […]

Do Polarized Lenses Block Blue Light and How Does It Work?

Blue light is something to be aware of because it  can cause a number of issues, including severe photochemical retinal injury. If you have been wondering, “do polarized lenses block blue light?” then this article will clear up any mystery. What is Blue Light? Blue light is found in the ultraviolet spectrum of sunlight and […]

What polarized lenses work best in eliminating glare?

There is nothing worse then having the glare in your eyes.  Using a polarized lens can help reduce the glare.  Polarized glasses are very common among fisherman because it helps reduce the glare from the water while fishing.  I personally use polarized lenses everyday.  The only down fall from using polarized lenses is that it […]

Are Oakley Sunglasses ANSI Approved?

ANSI, or the American National Standard Institute, is a private, non-profit organization first established (as the American Engineering Standards Committee) in 1918. Are Oakley Sunglasses ANSI Approved? ANSI sets specific standards for evaluating eyewear factors such as impact resistance, lens thickness, projectile penetration, and optical quality. Because of this, ANSI ratings have become the safety […]

Prescription Nike Sunglasses with Polarized Lenses

If you’re considering the purchase of a pair of prescription Nike Sunglasses with polarized lenses, you’ve apparently done your homework. Polarized Prescription Nike Sunglasses The Nike brand name means that quality, durability, and style is built into the frame, and polarized lenses are surely one of the best lens options you could pick to fill […]

Prescription Safety Glasses with Polarized Brown Lenses

Polarized brown lenses are an extremely popular option combination for sunglasses. Polarization adds a coating that filters out horizontal sun rays yet still allows light from other directions to pass through the lenses. Since reflected light travels in a horizontal direction, polarized lenses negate any annoying, powerful reflections, such as light reflected off of water […]

Polarized Clip On Flip Up Sunglasses for Prescription Glasses

If you wear corrective eyewear, you’re probably used to making concessions. There may be certain rides you’ll avoid at an amusement park. You’ll probably have difficulty fitting those movie theater 3-D glasses over your own glasses. And at some point you’ve probably admired a pair of polarized sunglasses on a drugstore rack or seen an […]

Prescription Polarized Safety Sunglasses

Looking for a pair of safety glasses that you can use in bright sunlight, and while doing daytime driving? Prescription Polarized Safety Sunglasses Prescription polarized safety sunglasses are a great investment for anybody working outdoors during bright, sunny days, or who needs to drive and doesn’t feel like carrying around prescription sunglasses to switch with […]

What is a Polarized Lens?

So many people prefer polarized lenses… what makes them so great? What are Polarized Lenses? Polarized lenses are lenses that filter light in a special way to improve your vision and reduce your chances of being dangerously distracted by blinding or annoying reflections. If you went back in time and talked to a physicist about light, […]

Polarized Sunglasses Vs Non Polarized Sunglasses

Shopping for sunglasses usually starts at frame choices… but what about polarization? The Pros and Cons of Polarized and Non Polarized Sunglasses Polarization is a useful trait for many sunglasses, but some people with polarized sunglasses will find them to be a detriment to their work or time outdoors. Some people prefer the lighter, gentler […]

How Do I Use Clip On Sunglasses?

Prescription glasses wearers know all too well how difficult it can be to get caught in the sun with clear glasses on. How to Use Clip-On Glasses Clip on sunglasses are perfect for the prescription glasses wearer who needs sun protection and doesn’t want to carry around a second pair of glasses. Not only do […]

The Usefulness of Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses

If you’re considering why you should buy a pair of polarized clip-on sunglasses, read on. Why Polarized Clip-On Sunglasses are Useful Polarized clip-on sunglasses have a wide variety of uses in the sun. They are versatile, easily stored, and practically universal. And, while clip-on shades may seem like something people rarely use or buy, nothing […]

Polarized High Index Lenses for Sunglasses

Polarized high index lenses for sunglasses can be pretty tough to find. High index lenses do not come in as many colors or types as some other types of lenses, such as polycarbonate or standard plastic. Sunglasses with Polarized High Index Lenses The reason for this is that the material either will not work with the […]

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